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Balance Tape (5 m × 6 roll)

Balance tape is ideal for Kasahara Taping Treatment because it is resistant to bacteria and odor and is hypoallergenic.

  • ● Because Balance Tape is thin, it breathes well and is still comfortable when worn in layers.
  • ● Adhesion increases when wet and is ideal for use on hands and feet.
  • ● The taping manual and paper pattern are included with purchase.

Product Name:AKO-002-3set
Description : Balance Tape (Water-repellent type)
Price:3,960 Yen (Tax included)

Please read the purchase procedure and return & exchange policy before purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

【Notice】【Balance tape】

● Please do not pull tape too strongly as it has elasticity.

● Please remove the tape carefully to prevent injury.

● Please discontinue use and see a doctor immediately if there is any trouble.

■ Size

■ Color

■ Material
Contains tourmaline

■ Made in Japan


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