How to treat neck pain

Hippocrates says, “Human bein gs have their natur al healing power. The true medicine should be helping to meet the condition to maximize the natural healing power of the patients.”
Here we call it “Three principals of natural healing power”:
① Structural Medicine ② Strain medicine ③ Environmental medicine.
For best results, the three treatments should be applied at the same time.

①Structural Medicine
(Length X width X depth)
Lighten the burden on the knee by correcting the tructural balance from the sole with aping treatment or 3 toe socks.

②Strain medicine
(X time)
Improve circuiation with low-frequency treatment and massage and help the absorbing function with artificial muscle-type insoles.

③Environmental medicine
(X environment)
Help “the absorption og callus” and “the addition of cobering bone” by fixing the damaged part with supportets.

Effective treatment consists of all of three elements as noted above. Especially in cases of neck deformation, treatment is necessary to protect from the crush of harmful waves and weight load.

While healing is not immediate, by helping to improve the condition of the neck, your natural healing power can be demonstrated, with the “integration of excess bone and addition of necessary bone“.
At Kasahara clinic, treat patients’ injuries according to Strain Structural Medicine (G-Balance Medicine). If you have any concerns about your current condition or treatment method, we are here to advice.

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