About Bunion

The reason why it occurs more often to women

Why do more women than men suffer from bunions? Often people are told at the shoe store or foot care salon “Because they wear high heels and sandals”. However, many of my patients have told me that they seldom wore shoes with high heels.

I believe that one of the biggest sources of stress for human beings is gravity, of which we all endure without awareness. Women’s muscles are made weaker and the joins are shallower for their role in giving birth so they are more impacted by the effects of gravity.

Women more freequnecly suffer:

1, Bunion and ungrounded toe
2, Pain and dislocation of the hip joint
3, Distortion of the hip bone and scoliosis
4, Laterality of face, dislocation of temporomandibular joint, temporomandibular joint arthrosis
5, Easier to have the change in figure


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