Foot Pain & Problem

Pain between first and second metatarsal bones


A stabbing pain appears between the big toe and second toe when starting to walk or play sports, improving as time goes on. The pain can be on both on the top and sole of the foot, or in some cases, only on the sole.

A similar pain is felt when pressing the area between the big toe and second toe.


While wearing high heeled shoes or sandals on an imbalanced sole, the weight load is concentrated between the big toe and second toe, forcing the area to open and causing pain.

In younger people, this condition is caused by playing sports that use the toes extensively. Among middle-aged sufferers, the condition can be caused by mountain hiking or by shopping for many hours for example. Hard soled or brand-new shoes can also lead to damage.

Applying the principle of a lever for the occurrence of injury; the root of the big toe is fulcrum point, the big toe is the action point and the force reacts to open the area between first and second metatarsal bones.

This type of pain is muscle related, and is thus invisible on an X-ray. To check the level of damage, firmly squeeze the area between the first and second metatarsal bones.


Recovery will be promoted by practicing the Kasahara Taping Treatment (in cases with foot pain) for 3 to 4 weeks, nevertheless, without tightening and fixing the area, the condition will be prolonged.

As a simpler solution, the W supporter (with finger pad) can be used at home while a bandage and 3-toe socks can be used in combination to go out.

We recommend using the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole) to maintain cushioning in the shoe and to absorb excessive shock and torsion waves.

When the condition worsens, fatigue fractures develop, and if there is no improvement in such cases, we recommend seeing a specialist.

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