About Bunion



If you consider the surgery to correct bunions, the biggest concern must be the result. According to a survey of patients who have visited our clinic after undergoing surgery, only 30 % were satisfied a year after surgery and even fewer were satisfied after 3 years. Unfortunately, the surgery is not always the solution, and thus, it is necessary to be aware of convalescence and the possibilty of failure in advance. And it is not rare to be forced to experience second surgery. There are cases where surgery is recommended and others where it is not, as it is possible for toes to fulfill their function in keeping balance, despite being deformed. It is much more important to improve the function of the sole than to fix the shape itself. We would like to emphasize that we are not taking the option of surgery away, but that our conservative treatment is worth considering because feet are sensitive with individual variation.

  • ● The big toe doesn’t have any strength. The shape of the foot was corrected but the toes are dangling with no functional action.
  • ● The relapse of foot deformation after 3 months and became as they were before surgery over 1 to 2 years.
  • ● New pain in the instep, ankle, knee, and back as the patient’s balance has been changed. Also the patient now suffers from headaches and stiff shoulder.
  • ● The root of the big toe became immobile and it is impossile for the patient to walk normally.
  • ● The deformation progressed and is now bent oppositely.

Here are examples of cases where patients visited our clinic who still suffered pain and other symptoms after their surgeries at other institutions. (P.O=Postoperative)

①1year P.O: Relapse, pain in walking, swelling

②1 year and a half P.O: Relapse and pain

③2 years P.O: Severer deformation, walking difficulty

④3 years P.O: Bigger difference between right and left 

⑤1year and a half P.O: Remains pain and swelling  

⑥2 years P.O: Relapse of deformation

⑦2 years P.O: Remains pain

⑧1 year and a half P.O: Remains swelling and pain in walking

⑨3 years P.O: The root of toes are frozen

⑩2 years and a half P.O: The root of toes are frozen, irregular walking

⑪5 years P.O: Deformation got progressed like before


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