When feet have imbalanced sole such as bunions or ungrounded toes, it shifts the center of gravity towards the heel rather than centered. This makes one of the 3 main functions of the sole, “Absorbing shock and torsion waves” decline and allows these harmful waves to be transmitted to the upper body part, knee, hip joint, lower back and neck continuously while walking. Therefore, it is critical to prevent the damage on the body parts by enhancing the seismic isolation on the sole by putting an artificial muscle material insole.

Product Name:AKG001-G
Description : Seismic Isolation Insole
Price:4,104 Yen (Tax included)

Please read the purchase procedure and return & exchange policy before purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

【Notice】【Seismic Isolation Insole】

●This product is not suitable for hard sports as it prioritize the cushioning function.

●As the thickness of the heel is 7mm, tennis shoes or other shoes with lace is favored to put the product inside.

●Please cut the front part when adjusting the size, not the heel part.
※Please refer to the guideline on the backside of the package when cutting.

●Please stop using the product when there is any trouble and see a doctor immediately.


■Thickness:Front / 3mm, Back / 7mm

■Material:Sorbo (Polyurethane) Fabric/Polyester


■Made in Japan


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