Foot Pain & Problem

Pain and numbness of the big toe


In this condition, there is pain and numbness on the end of the big toe, which is different than the pain on the root of the big toe caused by bunion. There is pain when the metatarsal joint is pinched from top and bottom.


People with this symptom have a big toe that is curved upward like a spoon and walk on the joint area on the back of the big toe. The skin on the base of the toe is often thickened with a developed corn, indicating that the joint area on the back of curved big toe has been repeatedly damaged, resulting in pain or numbness.


The Kasahara Taping Treatment (in case with foot pain) will reinforce the loosened metatarsal joint and enable the big toe to be firmly grounded. The combination of 3-toe socks and bandage can be used instead.

Use the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole) to cushion and protect the injury from excessive shock and torsion.

Please see a specialist in cases where the pain continues.

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