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Knee supporter

Knee Supporter(Contains only one piece, works for either the right or left leg)/AKD-005 The knee supporter features a crossed belt from right and left to support the knee tightly on both sides, helping to absorb excess shock and torsion waves and protecting the knee. The supporter opens completely and is easy to wear and take off.

Product Name:AKD-005
Description : New Knee Supporter
Price:7,480 Yen (Tax included)

Please read the purchase procedure and return & exchange policy before purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

【Notice】【Knee supporter】

● We recommend initially using the product for 2 to 3 hours and gradually extending the use time accordingly.

● Please do not wear the supporter while sleeping.

● Please do not over-tighten the supporter.

● In case of rash or other symptoms, please discontinue use and contact a specialist.

● This product contains Velcro. Please be careful not to damage your clothes.

● Not for medical use.

■ Size
Above knee measurement 38-50cm
Below knee measurement 31-47cm

■ Color

■ Material
Coil bone-Steel

■ Contains only one piece- suitable for both the right and left legs.

■ Made in Japan


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