Beauty & Bunion

Posture and bunion


Condition and cause of bad posture


With an imbalanced sole, the center of gravity shifts towards the heel and the back naturally bends forward to maintain balance, preventing the hazard of falling down backwards.


Except for the disease related complications, another cause is when in the case of an imbalanced sole, bunions, ungrounded toe, or flatfoot does not occur equally on both feet. To compensate for this difference, the hip bone and spine become distorted.

With hunchback or scoliosis, the neck is not well situated on the spine, and the neck becomes distorted from the burden of the weight of the head. Furthermore, walking with imbalanced sole transmits excessive shock and torsion waves continuously from heel towards the neck, deforming the neck and causing various malfunctions, such as stiff neck and shoulders, headache, dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders and other autonomic imbalance symptoms.

Good posture contributes uplifting hips and tightened waist

When the sole is well balanced, the balance of whole body naturally improves and helps maintain good posture. Balancing the sole with taping or 3-toe socks enables us to be well-grounded with toes, stand with good balance, maintain good posture, lifting up the hips and tightening the waist.

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