Ten directional diagnosis

“The Ten Directional Diagnosis” is “The Eight Directional Diagnosis” for diseases of unknown causes and for “Congenital Imbalance” and “Acquired Imbalance” which causes are identified.

● “Congenital Imbalance” is innate or congenital damage and which causes are identified by scientific checkup.
● “Acquired Imbalance” is obtained damage by injury, accident, or disease and which causes are identified.

Diagnosis for those ailments has long been established and many high quality theories were created in this field. In contrast, “The Eight Dimensional Diagnosis”, diagnosis for damage of unknown causes, was just recently discovered. This will become the cornerstone theory for health practitioners.

In the 21st century the world is shifting towards a new era, and a new diagnosis method focusing on our relationship with gravity is needed because maintaining balance with gravity is the highest priority for a human being and this area of study has been left behind in modern medicine.


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