Well-Balanced Feet

In the countries where people walk barefoot

In countries or regions where people walk barefoot, there are very few sufferers of chronic diseases, autonomic imbalance (depression, panic attack), lifestyle diseases, and fewer instances of suicide. In these regions, people can even pile things on their heads because their foundation is sturdy, confirming how important a balanced sole is. Let’s look at photos of people’s feet in countries where people walk barefoot.

What happens when the soles are well-balanced?

When the sole balance is correct, your foot can effectively perform these three critical functions:

  • 1.Balancing function (Length X Width X Depth) The sole balances bones and posture into a normal position as we walk.
  • 2.Absorbing shock waves (Time X) The sole absorbs excessive shock waves and torsion waves that are generated while walking, preventing damage to muscles, ligaments, and bones.
  • 3.Motor skill function (Environment X) The sole develops flexibility, motor skills, and intelligence, adapting to our environment.

Ideal construction of balanced sole


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