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Pain at the root of second toe


Pain at the root of the second toe is the most common complaint related to bunions. This is because, in cases of imbalanced sole with such conditions as bunions, ungrounded toe or flatfoot, the arch falls and with continued walking, the bone of at the root of the second toe becomes destroyed, deformed or develops a fatigue fracture, stimulating the nerve. Initially a stabbing pain, after walking, it becomes a throbbing pain. In advanced cases, the root of second toe becomes hot or swollen, and is painful to touch (by squeezing from top and bottom). At this stage, the damage is visible on X-ray.


This happens when a person’s second toe overlaps the big toe, which is bent extremely inwards from bunions. The root of second toe strikes the ground while walking and becomes deformed or develops a fatigue fracture, stimulating the nerves. This is common among people who work long hours standing or walking as well as in those who wear safety shoes for many hours.
Many cases are also related to Heberden or rheumatism.


To repair the deformation and heal fatigue fractures, we suggest the Kasahara Taping Treatment (in cases with foot pain) for 4 to 6 months. As a simpler solution, the W supporter (with finger pad) can be used at home while a bandage and 3-toe socks can be used in combination to go out.

We recommend using the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole) to maintain cushioning in the shoe and to absorb excessive shock and torsion waves.
When the condition worsens, fatigue fractures develop, and if there is no improvement in such cases, we recommend seeing a specialist.

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