While the flatfeet tend to be a consequence of genetics, occurrences of flatfeet from secondary factors, such as bunions (Hallux Valgus) and ungrounded toes, is increasing. In genetic cases, there is no arch on the foot even while seated in the chair with feet in the air. However, when related to a secondary factor, the foot has an arch while sitting which disappears when standing due to load pressure. In either case, the lack of arch makes it difficult to be firmly grounded, creating body imbalance. As a result of the imbalance, the body compensates, causing the foot muscle to store fat to avoid the exhaustion, eventually making a stumpy figure. Flat-footedness can also increase a person’s fatigue as their feet cannot absorb the shock and torsion waves from the ground, leading to lower back and neck problems, and in some cases, autonomic imbalance and hormonal imbalance.

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Female 40’s
Flatfoot, stiff shoulder, neck pain, headache, depression

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Female 30’s
Flatfoot, stiff shoulder and neck, back pain, constipation

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Female 20’s
Flatfoot, fat ankle, pain in heel, cold feet, stiff neck


The cause of flatfoot

“Hindrance of reflexes”


Aside from genetics, flatfeet are most often caused in childhood by the lack of walking on rough surfaces that stimulate the sole. Consequently, the muscles degenerate and the toes are unable to grab the ground firmly, promoting unstable and imbalanced “2 point walking”, balancing the body with the heel and roots? of foot. Eventually, the transversal arch on the sole becomes weak and the arch of the sole is lost.



How to treat flatfoot

We introduce the “Kasahara Taping Treatment” to correct the balance of the sole as an effective solution to bunions, ungrounded toe and flatfoot.??

“I feel like my toes are finally touching the floor.” “It has been a while since my posture has felt right.”

This treatment greatly reduces pain within one month and causes a 30% recovery of the foot shape within 6 months. The most important outcome is the recovery of sole- function: improved balance, absorption of harmful waves, and improved motor skill.

As the foundation of your body is being corrected, the balance of your body adjusts accordingly, lightening the load applied to knees, back and neck.

The biggest advantage of the “Kasahara Taping Treatment” is that it does not require surgery and you can treat yourself at home with a little practice. This is the most effective conservative treatment for imbalanced sole and we hope this method will be adopted by more medical institutions to effectively treat more patients.


We recommend wearing 3 toe socks in addition to the Kasahara Taping Treatment. The ease of use allows for easier adoption and thus better results, to develop proper balance.

Kasahara Taping Treatment 3-toe Socks

In case of questions or to learn more about it, the taping treatment can be done by a therapist in our clinic.

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Seismic isolation insole

We also recommend using shoe insoles made of artificial muscle material to protect the body from shock and torsion waves while walking.

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