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At Kasahara clinic, we provide medical treatment along with Strain Structural Medicine (G-Balance Medicine), a treatment based on gravity and balance, to patients from all over the world.
Even after a great massage or chiropractic treatment, many of us have experienced the return of aches and pains the next day. Adjusting the balance of just the upper body can merely be a symptomatic treatment. At our clinic, we take care of total body balance by focusing on proper sole balance, promoting correct walking posture. The continuation of correct walking helps to maintain the correct body balance and prevents distortion of the body. We recommend you continue reading to understand our treatment process.

Treatment Theory

Image of the treatment


1. During the initial consultation, we evaluate the patient’s feet and body.


2. We start by releasing tension in the shoulders and feet using electrotherapy.


3. Afterwards, we relax the whole body with manual and machine therapy, stimulating heart function and improving circulation to the lower limbs and entire body.


4. Once the stiffness is relieved, light adjustments will be done according to the patients’ needs.

5. Kasahara taping treatment will be done so correct balance can be maintained after the treatment and adjustment.

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6. Bandage treatment will be applied as needed, ideally correcting the sole balance while fixing the injured area at the same time.

It is important that patients can continue treatment on their own, especially when they are not able to visit the clinic frequently. We teach patients the real cause of their injuries and how they can treat themselves away from our clinic. clinic_7 For those who suffer from bunions, ungrounded toe, flatfoot, calluses, ingrown toenails and other foot problems, we emphasize that it doesn’t only impact the foot, but also the structural balance of each body part, resulting in autonomic imbalance or chronic pain in the knees, back and neck.


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