Treatment Theory

Treatment Theory of Strain Structural Medicine
(G-Balance Medicine)-Effective treatment-

Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”, believes humans possess the power to cure themselves through nature and that doctors are only to help the condition for the power to be performed maximum.

As human beings are dynamic structural bodies, they can activate their own natural healing power through the Three Principles of Treatment shown in the following chart.

The First principle

=Structural Medicine?

The Second principle

=Strain Medicine?

The Third principle

=Environmental Medicine

Treatment to improve the structural balance of the dynamic structures related to the affected parts. Recover from strain duration by improving the circulation and seismic isolation of affected area. Protect and rest the affected parts {environment} to aid the recovery of the surrounding areas.
?length x width x depth ?x time ?x environment



Concept of Time

Value time

The time related to recovery

Clock basis time

The time related to shock and torsion waves in nature

● Strain time

The time related to the duration of the injury


The Five Dimensions of the Natural World (which is under the absolute control of the gravity)


Enhance Natural Healing Power by:

First to third Dimensions


Working on dynamic structure of the body (including structural balance)



Fourth Dimension


Reducing strain time by improving blood circulation and alleviating pain

Fifth Dimension


Working on improvement of environmental conditions (physical and mental)


= 3 principles of Treatment



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