Treatment Theory

Balancing sole is necessary for various kind of treatments


After a massage or chiropractic treatment, we often experience aches and pains returning within as little as a day. However, if the sole is balanced after the treatment, the beneficial effects of massage and chiropractic treatment can be maintained. Such treatments may also be unnecessary as the balance of the upper body can naturally correct itself with proper sole balance. The effect of a balanced sole can be seen in the correct posture of people who live mostly barefoot.

Pursuing beauty leads us to health. Pursing health leads us to sole balance!

  • Human beings prioritize maintaining balance against the force of gravity.
  • With good balance, our beauty and health improve as does the development of motor skills and intelligence.
  • On the other hand, imbalance can lead to pain, diseases of unknown causes, and loss of beauty. Body and muscle degeneration occurs with the decline of motor skills.
  • The sole is primarily responsible for balance and therefore, balancing the sole should be the first priority in maintaining beauty and health as well as a means of preventive medicine.


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