Lower Back Pain

How to treat lower back pain

Hippocrates says, “Human beings have a natural healing power. Medicine should help the condition to maximize the natural healing power of the patients.”
Here we call it “Three principals of natural healing power”, applied concurrently, consisting of ①Structural medicine ②Strain medicine ③Environmental medicine.

3 principles of treatment

The First principle =Structural Medicine The Second principle =Strain Medicine The Third principle =Environmental Medicine
Treatment to improve the structural balance of the dynamic structures related to the affected parts. Recover from strain duration by improving the circulation and seismic isolation of affected area. Protect and rest the affected parts {environment} to aid the recovery of the surrounding areas.
length x width x depth x time x environment

To understand more easily, let’s see the treatment method specifically.

①Structural Medicine
(Length X width X depth)
To lighten the burden imposed on the knee by correcting the structural balance from the sole balance with taping treatment or 3 toe socks.

②Strain medicine
(X time)
To improve hte cirulation using low-frequency treatment and massage and to assist the absorbing function with artificial musle type insoles.

③Environmental medicine
(X environment)
To help “the absorption of callus” and “the ddition of covering bone” by fixing the damaged part with bandage and supporters.

While the condition will not be healed immediately after the treatment at our clinic, by improving the condition of the back, your natural healing power will be demonstrated, which is “Assimilation of excess bone and addition of necessary bone“
At Kasahara clinic, we are giving the patients the treatment according to the Strain Structural Medicine (G-Balance Medicine). If you have any questions about your current condition or treatment method, we are here to advice.

Kasahara Clinic


Start wrapping the bandage tightly from the hip joint, more specifically, at the level of Greater trochanter of femur. Make sure to fix the sacroiliac joint by bandaging in layers. The main purpose of the bandage treatment is to maximize the “Assimilation of excess bone and addition of necessary bone“ by lightening the gravity force impacting the imbalanced part. The basic rule of the bandage treatment is to “wear it during the day and take it off during the night”, however, keeping the bandage on while sleeping is recommended in cases of strong pain. 3 weeks of bandage treatment is effective for most people.

When you have light pain: 1 roll or back supporter/belt

When you have strong pain: 2 rolls or 1 roll and back supporter/belt

Bandage and back supporter in combination

Although the supporters and belts are lighter than a bandage, we strongly recommend using those products when you are not able to put the bandage on, as it is actually more important to keep the injury fixed without feeling uncomfortable.

●Back Supporter

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