What is a philosophy of the Strain Structural Medicine (G-Balance Medicine)?

The followings are some of my favorite words of Hippocrates. “Be a philosopher before being a doctor.” “We must take medicine into the practice of philosophy and take philosophy into the practice of medicine.”

In other words, Hippocrates teaches us that the medicine and philosophy cannot be separated.

The Natural World is governed by the principle of five dimensions:
    The [first dimension=length]
    x the [second dimension=width]
    x the [third dimension=depth]
    x the [fourth dimension=time]
    x the [fifth dimension=environment].

This principle of 5 dimensions in the natural world can be explained as the “Natural physical world and human body are dynamically the same”.

The earth is governed by
the natural law of five dimensional structure.
First DimensionLength
Second DimensionWidth
Third DimensionDepth
Fourth DimensionTime
Fifth DimensionEnvironment

Adaptation of The natural law of five dimensional structure to medicine.

First DimensionLength①Structural Medicine
Second DimensionWidth
Third DimensionDepth

Fourth DimensionTime② Strain Medicine
Fifth DimensionEnvironment③ Environmental Medicine