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Shin, calf and bunion


Symptoms of an Imbalanced sole, such as bunion (Hallux Valgus), ungrounded toe, and flatfoot affect not only your health, but also your beauty. How does an imbalanced sole cause beauty problems?

Condition of fat legs

30’s female
Ungrounded toe, stiff shoulder, cervical Hernia, headache, autonomic imbalance

20’s female
Ungrounded toe, stiff shoulder, insomnia, dizziness, headache, autonomic imbalance

30’s female
Bunion, stiff shoulder, headache, autonomic imbalance

40’s female
Ungrounded toe, stretched shin, sluggish and cold legs

Fat shins and calves are usually stiff and easily fatigued even after a short walk. They are engorged with blood, with poor circulation and swelling. When the toes are bent upward, biceps can often be seen on the shin. There are many cases of corns on the surface of toes and on the top of the foot.

Cause of fat legs

With bunions, ungrounded toe or flatfoot, the center of gravity shifts to the heel or sole and the body becomes imbalanced. To compensate, the shin and calf muscles develop, storing fat to cope with fatigue and the leg continues to gain excess fat. We often hear of people whose calves got fatter after a couple months of routinely walking as an exercise routine.

Also, causing fat legs are shoes which forces you to walk with locked toes to prevent the shoe from falling off, including high heels, sandals, loose shoes or slip-ons. This is exacerbated with ungrounded toes. Walking with locked toes promotes imbalanced “2-point walking” (walking with heel and the root of toes) and so the shin and calf become fat to compensate.

Mechanism of making slender legs by balancing the sole

In contrast, with a balanced sole and “3-point walking” (walking with heel, root of toes, and toes) as promoted by the Kasahara Taping Treatment and 3-toe socks, the load on the shin and calf are reduced, allowing the legs to remain slender. In countries where people traditionally walk barefoot, the people have slender legs. About 40 years ago, when I started my own clinic, I was practicing Kasahara Taping Treatment to correct patients’ sole balance and bunions, and since then, many of those patients have told me that the swelling and stiffness in their legs has gone and their legs have become more slender.

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