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Hips, thighs, butt and bunion


Condition of fat thighs and buttocks

“Thighs are fat” “Thighs stick out further than hip bone” “Thighs and buttocks are over-developed.” In these cases, there is extra load on the hips and thighs, usually accompanied by back pain. Often, these sufferers have thin upper bodies while the outside of their thighs are over-developed and stick out. White stretch marks can be seen when the growth was fast.

20’s female
Bunion and ungrounded toe, bent back knee, O-shaped leg, fat lower body

20’s female
Ungrounded toe, fat lower body, back pain, stiff shoulder, dizziness, autonomic imbalance

30’s female
Bunion, fat lower body, back pain, swollen legs, coldness

Cause of enlarged thigh and buttock

The big toe’s role is to support the body. When the big toe bends upward more than 90 degrees and cannot grab the ground firmly, the sole become imbalanced. Consequently, the largest muscle groups in the lower body, namely the thighs and buttocks, try to compensate by strengthening and storing additional fat for fatigue. Moreover, if you are walking with the big toe bent upward, the feet flow outside, leading to twisted walking and the greater trochanter slips outside and will enlarge as well.

Solution for enlarged thigh and lower body

●It is important to start with the Kasahara Taping Treatment or 3-toe socks to correct sole balance and improve extreme ungrounded toe and twisted walking. When the sole is balanced and grounded with the big toe, the burden is decreased to thighs and buttocks, reducing excess muscle and fat.

●Then, using a bandage or back supporter (back belt), the greater trochanter can be tightened, correcting the slippage. When the great trochanter returns to the normal position, the distortion of the hip bone is eliminated and the extra muscle and fat on thigh and buttock are lost. This also helps to balance the lumber vertebrae, resolving lower back pain as well.

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