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Stretch marks


Condition of stretch marks

Stretch marks are white lines on the calf, thigh, hip, waist, back or stomach ad are usually caused by sudden change of figure, such as during pregnancy or muscle growth associated with a new exercise routine.

Causes of stretch marks

As mentioned, stretch marks are known to result from pregnancy or obesity, however, they can also be a consequence of an imbalanced sole and related to bunions, ungrounded toe and flatfoot. Please refer to the following:

  • (1) Imbalanced sole
  • (2) Sudden change of figure
  • (3) Sudden increase in biased activities such as sports or work

These factors add to the load of a muscle abruptly or repeatedly in a short period of time, requiring the muscle to substantially develop.

Stretch marks on the calf

Stretch marks on the calf appear when a person walks with toes upward and not touching the ground, like when wearing sandals or high-heeled shoes. Calves have to compensate for the imbalanced sole and the load is concentrated there.

Stretch mark on thigh

Stretch marks on the thigh appear when a person’s toes, especially their big toe, are not strong enough to grab the ground, increasing the load on the thighs by walking with big toe being upward and not touching the ground.

Stretch mark on back and stomach

Stretch marks on the back and stomach appear when a person starts exercising or playing sports or gain weight quickly (including during pregnancy). Their figure and load to the body part have suddenly changed dramatically. An imbalanced sole cannot adjust to support the load and the body part cannot resist the load either.

Solution for stretch marks

Once stretch marks appear, it will not disappear completely, however, it is important to avoid making them worse.

To do that, it is necessary to lighten the load on the body part where there is a stretch mark by improving the way of walking (bad walking=walking with toes untouched to the ground).

Kasahara Taping Treatment or 3-toe socks is helpful for improving the imbalanced sole as well as way of walking (good walking =walking with toes well-grounded). To further support the measure, use supporters or bandages on the body part in combination.

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