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We would like to emphasize that “striking with the heels is wrong!”

On TV or from famous models or professors, we often see and hear that “correct walking is to land with heels.” This is actually the most dangerous way of walking. For example, when you jump from a chair, your heels would be the last thing to land. Everyone would wrap up in a ball to prepare for the landing with the safest posture. This is because instinctively prevent shock from being transmitted towards the brain.

I’m grieved to see so many patients who complain of knee, back and neck pain as well as dizziness, headache or autonomic imbalance after practicing “striking with the heels”. We live under the control of gravity, and our soles perform three functions to maintain health and beauty in this environment: balancing, absorbing shock and torsion waves, and performing motor skills. These functions only work well when the toes, roots of toes, and the heel are well balanced while walking. If you strike with your heels, your entire weight plus three times of weight amount of gravity will be burdened continuously. Moreover, the shock and torsion waves from the ground will be directly transmitted to the upper body, damaging the body consequently.

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