About Bunion

① Ligament Type



The ligament of the metatarsophalangeal joint (Transverse arch to support sole balance) becomes loose, so the big toe bends inward towards the little toe.


When we start walking as baby, our feet are often covered by socks to avoid any dangerous objects on the floor. While it is good to protect the sole from injury, it does not encourage the development of the “plantar reflex”. Plantar reflex is a primitive reflex, causing the toes to grab the ground when they are stimulated. Without the plantar reflex, the Transverse arch does not become fully developed, and especially the big toe does not learn to grab the ground. Consequently, the toe does not play its role and begins to bend inward towards the little toe. The incidence is increasing among children, because they wear shoes that are too big, using their toes to unnaturally “hold onto” the shoes. Oversized shoes and high heels are secondary factors causing bunions.

Injury examples

Pain in toes, instep, and ankle, stiff shin, numbness, shin splints and fatigue fractures in shin, difference in leg length caused by distortion of the hip joint, distortion of the hip bone resulting in height difference, scoliosis, Temporomandibular joint arthrosis and malocclusion, eyestrain, headache, and stiff shoulder.


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