About Bunion

③ Mixed Type



The mix of liegament type and callus type.


It starts either from liagament type or callus type and ends up with both types as the time goes. The transverse arch becomes loose and when you continue with the root of the big toe instead of using toes, the root and shoes cause friction, which often builds up viscous liquid.
The rate of the mixed type is the hightest of all, especially among middle aged females. It is a significant point in the treatment process to comprehend which type is the originally caused one and weights more than the other.

Injury examples

Lumber hernia (right side) or spondylolysis with distortion of hip bone (left side)/ Osteoarthritis of the knee (right) and pain in shin (left)/ Autonomic imbalance caused by neck deformation, Meniere’s disease/ Menopausal disorder / Brain hemorrhage caused by neck deformation, hemiplegia / Compression fracture of unknown cause / Malfunction of body that are not found by examination / Gynecological diseases


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