About Bunion

⑤ Pathological Type ( includes injury)



This type is accompanied by severe deformation or dislocation caused by rheumatic arthritis or Heberden related factors, injury and accidents. It is very difficult to recover the original shape even with surgery: we see a low success rate and a high recurrence rate. We highly recommend using the taping treatment to stop the progress.


Rheumatic arthritis, Heberden, accidents and injuries

Injury examples

Severe deformation or dislocation of the big toe or other toes, long-term pain in knee or lower back, arthritis

Rheumatic arthritis can be diagnosed through blood tests in addition to the characteristic swelling of the wrist and foot instep. Heberden Node is a kind of arthrosis which occurs on the first joint of fingers (【DIP joint】, closest to the nail). They often get swollen, wide and thick, and curve to one side. Rheumatic arthritis tends to affect middle-aged women. Medical science characterizes Heberden as a hand ailment, however, in my forty years of research and experience with bunion patients, I recognize Heberden on feet as well. It is worth noting that Heberden related bunion could become tremendously deformed.


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