Children & Bunion

Children with bunion

It is said that children in modern society fall down and get injured easily or have difficulty standing with their eyes closed. These symptoms relate to a child’s decline in the ability to develop physical skills, such as balancing, agility and motor skills. Also, media and teachers report an increase in the number of children claiming mental and physical disorders. What is the difference between the children who are injured playing and those who can readily participate in athletic activities even with similar age, figure or amount of practice? What is the difference between the children who are consistently healthy and those who often feel tired and sick?

It is a fact that 90%of injury and illness prone children have bunions or symptoms of an imbalanced sole, such as ungrounded toes and flatfoot.

●Physical symptoms: Scoliosis, knee injury, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, lumber hernia, TMJ arthrosis, headache, dizziness, bad posture, difficulty running, obesity, adult disease…

●Mental symptoms: Autonomic imbalance caused by neck deformation (panic attack, depression, refusal to go to school, diarrhea, constipation), emotional instability, difficulty waking, chronic feeling of fatigue…

4 years old boy

11 years old girl
Scoliosis, TMJ arthrosis

13 years old boy
Stoop-shouldered, stiff shoulder

12 years old girl
Stiff shoulder

13 years old boy

17 years old boy
O-shaped leg, back knee