Children & Bunion

Children injuries and malfunction resulting from an unknown causes

The feet are the foundation of human body, which account for only 1% of the entire body surface area. Our feet allow us to adjust our balance against the force of gravity. If the sole is imbalanced, it is natural to have an imbalanced upper body. To maintain good balance, it is necessary to correct the sole balance, just like correcting a building when it starts to tilt.
When children have bunions, ungrounded toe or flat foot…

① First, the gravity point shifts towards the heel, increasing the balance gap between the left and right foot. To compensate, dynamic imbalances occur in the upper body (for example, knee, hip, lower back and neck)
? Distortion of the body
② Second, while walking, shock and torsion waves are transmitted from the heel towards the imbalanced body part, accumulating over time.
? Deformation or collapse of bones
③ Finally, this repetition results in knee, back and neck pain, and as with whiplash, autonomic imbalance and depression.
? Poor walking and decreased metabolism

9 years old girl with Bunion
?Scoliosis and Stiff shoulder

14 years old girl with Ungrounded Toe
?Scoliosis and School Dropout

16 years old girl with Bunion
?Scoliosis, Depression, and Social withdrawal

17 years old girl with Flatfoot
?Stiff neck and autonomic imbalance


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