Foot Pain & Problem

Ingrown toenail


An ingrown toenail is a curved toe nail which grows into the toe and is accompanied by redness and swelling. In advanced cases, there is bleeding and purulence, making walking difficult. The big toe tends to bend backwards like a spoon.


Ingrown toenails occur frequently to those who land from the root of their toes as a result of bunions or ungrounded toe. When the big toe is not strong enough to grab the ground, the gravity load is not added on the toe nail, causing the nail to degenerate and wither, becoming curved. On top of that, when the muscle of big toe is not used enough, it becomes weaker and flabby, which further promotes ingrown toe nails.


Please see a specialist in case of purulence.

To cure and prevent ingrown toenails, practice the Kasahara Taping Treatment (for pain-free cases) or wear 3-toe socks to stand firmly with well-grounded toes.

We recommend using the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole) to maintain cushioning in the shoe and to absorb excessive shock and torsion waves.

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