Foot Pain & Problem

Bulge on the lateral malleolus
(outside of the ankle)


In this case, the Lateral malleolus on the outside of the ankle becomes swollen when standing or walking for long periods of time although the swelling reduces after resting. Generally, the lump is on the right foot, which controls the gravity point, and is smaller than a golf ball. However, in some cases, it can be up to 3 times larger. Overweight middle-aged women commonly suffer from this.


With bunions or ungrounded toes, a person can have “twisted walking” where the tip of foot rotates outwardly while walking, repeatedly wringing and twisting the foot joint as the lower leg is twisted inside, causing the lipoma to develop in defense.


We recommend the Kasahara Taping Treatment (for pain-free cases) or 3-toe socks prompts to promote correct “3-point walking”.

For those who have had a bulge for many years, we suggest putting a rubber pad on the area and wrapping a bandage around the foot joint to maintain pressure on the area. Please see a specialist for further advice.

Using the heel lock supporter in combination with the bandage treatment for 3 to 6 months aids recovery.

To protect the injury from excess shock and torsion waves, use the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole).

Please see a specialist in chronic or prolonged cases.

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