Foot Pain & Problem

Stinging pain inside and outside of heel


This injury is characterized by a stinging pain on the inner side of the heel at the beginning of a day which improves through the day. A similar pain results from pressing the outside of the heel. This condition is different from Sever’s disease but the pain comes from adhesion section of sciatic nerve.


An imbalanced sole causes the center of gravity to shift towards the heel and excessive shock from the ground is continuously transmitted towards the lower back. The lumber vertebrae becomes deformed and the sciatic nerve is tensed, pulling both sides of the heel, causing inflammation.


As a first step, we recommend seeing a specialist for advice.

For treatment, set the foot joint with a bandage or heel lock supporter as well as using treatment for back pain for 3 to 4 months.

With mild symptoms and no bandage treatment required, use the Kasahara Taping Treatment (for pain-free cases) or 3-toe socks.

To protect the injury from excess shock and torsion waves and to cushion the heel, use the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole).

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