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Pain and projection of Navicular bone


The Navicular bone” is below the medial malleolus on the inside of the ankle. This condition is seen among children who play sports in their growth period. There is a throbbing pain on the outer edge of the Navicular bone after playing sports. The injury protrudes and is painful when pushed from below and also when the protruding bone rubs against the shoe in cases of adults.


With bunions, ungrounded toes or flatfoot, the toes cannot effectively grab the ground, resulting in twisted walking where the toes rotate outward and weight is concentrated on the Navicular bone. Callus luxurians form as a defense and in advanced cases, it is more projected than medial malleolus. It tends to more often affect people with talipes valgus.


We suggest putting a rubber pad on the Navicular bone and wrapping a bandage around the foot joint to maintain pressure on the area. Please see a specialist for further advice.

Even with use of the heel lock supporter instead, it is still advisable to wrap from the ankle to the root of toes with one third of the total bandage length.

To rebuild the arch of the sole, use the Kasahara Taping Treatment (for pain-free cases) or 3-toe socks. When using 3-toe socks, the bandage treatment should be done before wearing 3-toe socks.

To protect the injury from excess shock and torsion waves and to cushion the heel, use the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle insole).

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