Knee Pain

Pain behind the knee

Leaned back knee


This condition is widely seen in all age groups, from children to elderly, in which it is accompanied by pain behind the knee (Popliteal fossa). In small children, it is often mistaken as “growing pain” while it frequently occurs as a Baker cyst (Lipoma in Popliteal fossa) among adults.


The main cause is rear imbalance in addition to excessive extension of the popliteal fossa caused by ungrounded toe, making the knee lean well back continuously.

While standing, leaned back knee (rear imbalance) concentrates your weight load at the back of the knee. As walking with imbalanced sole spurs the rear imbalance, it pulls the muscle and ligament on the back of the knee, causing inflammation. Most of these patients have imbalanced soles and is usually mistaken as “growing pain” in children while adults are told that they have lower-back problems.

【Key of Treatment】

As the cause of pain is the back side of knee continuously being pulled, you can start by keeping the knee a little bent while standing. If there is no improvement after 3 weeks, it is recommended to bandage around the knee with the leg bending at 45 degrees and not to stretch out the knee while walking or standing. Wearing 3-toe socks in combination helps the toes become grounded and prevents the knee from over-extending, improving rear imbalance. We also recommend alternating the weight on your legs.

【Required period】

About 3 weeks to one month and a half

Baker cyst


There is a lipoma on the back side of knee, which can grow to be golf ball sized. This is synovial fluid forming jelly mass, which often accompanies pain.

【Required period】

6 months to 10 months

Growing pain


Growing pain often occurs to infants and they will complain of pain in their legs and knees at night. They tend to keep the legs arched backwards because their toes are not strong enough to firmly grab the ground yet. In this way, the tendon behind the knee is continuously pulled, causing inflammation. The pain results when the muscle gets cold, shrinks and pulls at night.

【Required period】

3 to 4 weeks


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