Knee Pain

Pain inside of knee (Osteoarthritis of the knee)


Pain inside the knee occurs when starting to walk or when moving to the next action, progressing to chronic pain. It is remarkable especially when pressing the joint at the surface of the knee. When deformation becomes advanced, it becomes difficult to sit straight and fluid builds up. This condition is seen in all ages, from the young to the elderly, but particularly in middle aged female adults.


Bowed legs (left and/or right Imbalance) and walking with imbalanced sole causes excessive shock to transmit from the heel directly to the knee repeatedly. As the center of gravity is inside the knee, the accumulated transmitted shock deforms the bone and gradually makes the leg project, becoming painful before long.

“Osteoarthritis of the knee” as it is known in adults and elderly and “sports injury” or “pain in medial joint space” as it is known in children, have the same mechanism. When the weight load and the shock from the ground are concentrated at the inner part of the knee, tissue is destroyed and in advanced cases, leads to gradual deformation.

【Key of Treatment】

Although ideal amount of bandage depends on one’s age, weight, duration of injury and the level of deformation, wrapping one and a half rolls of non-elastic bandage and then one roll of elastic bandage or a knee supporter is suggested. The pain usually reduces by half after 3 weeks of bandage treatment. In addition, we suggest using the artificial muscle insole to absorb excess shock from the ground and to avoid walking when the pain is strong.

【Required period】

The condition improves by half after 3 weeks of treatment, while total healing takes one-fifth of the total period that the injured part has been without treatment. 90% of the necessary treatment for curing Osteoarthritis of the knee is stabilizing the knee with a bandage. This is the most direct way to absorb excess shock waves. If the condition has lasted longer than 5 years, you will need another 1 year of the bandaging treatment.


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