Knee Pain

Pain outside of knee


The pain appears at outside articular facet of knee when starting to walk, walking for a long time or bending and stretching.
Other pain would be at outside of knee down to head of fibula, which happens when stepping aside or rotating.


Knock-knee (Left and/or Right Imbalance) shifts the center of gravity to the outside of the knee. As this area absorbs excessive shock or torsion waves due to an imbalanced sole, a contrary force is added above and below head of fibula, causing pain. When the injury is slightly off-center of the knee, it tends to affected by excessive shock (weight load), while injury outside the knee down to head of fibula tends to be affected by excess torsion.

The pain occurs when people with X-shape leg make an action to the side in playing tennis or table tennis. They are usually accompanied by imbalanced sole such as bunion (Hallux Valgus), ungrounded toe or flatfoot.

【Key of Treatment】

It is important to understand the cause and to avoid both weight biases towards the outside and inside of the knee. In cases of strong pain, we suggest placing cardboard on the outside of the knee before applying bandages. Although this type of knee pain is comparatively easy to heal, it may take time for recovery. Recurrence is a problem if the cause is not recognized, leading to impromper treatment of the injury. Over-sized shoes can accelerate the torsion stress, and thus requires using a seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle-type insole). Kasahara Taping Treatment or 3-toe socks is helpful to decrease the load to the knee.

【Required period】

About a month


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