Knee Pain

Pain in the center of knee (Jumper’s Knee)


In early stages, there is pain at center of knee when activity or sports are started, which disappears as the muscle warms up. In advanced stages, the pain runs deep inside of knee when walking and especially jumping. At later stages, there is throbbing pain in the knee even while resting.
Jumper’s knee is the deformation or inflammation of cartilage or soft tissue inside of knee. It is difficult to cure and therefore the pain remains into adulthood in many cases. When pressing the patella upward from the bottom, there is strong pain and the adipose tissue at the bottom of patella is enlarged and swollen.


Straight legs without a natural curve tend to cause the center of gravity to be at the center of the knee. This type of knee (top-down imbalance) struggles to dissipate the shock. Additionally, having bunion (Hallux Valgus), ungrounded toe or flatfoot decreases the cushion function of the sole and its ability to absorb the shock waves from the ground (excessive shock), gradually destroying ligaments and cartilage.

【Key of Treatment】

Jumper’s Knee recovers slowly as it is accompanied by soft tissue injury. It is necessary to be aware of the cause (mechanism of occurrence) and required healing period. It helps not to stretch out the legs and to keep them bent a little. Also, it is not advisable to jump or stand for a long period of time. We recommend one and a half rolls of non-elastic bandage and one roll of elastic bandage as well as using a seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle-type insole).

【Required period】

About 6 months


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