Knee Pain

Pain from bone damage (Meniscal lesions of the knee)


This injury is seen among athletic people and also overweight female adults. The exact cause of this knee pain and swelling cannot usually be identified and patients tend to discover the condition through X-ray or endoscopy. There is strong pain when the knee is bent at certain angles with the weight load. The knee experiences locking when bending and is unlocked with a cracking sound at certain angles. (Snapping knee)


The sole has a longitudinal arch and transverse arch. The former cushions against torsion while the latter’s function is to avoid torsion. However, with bunion (Hallux Valgus), ungrounded toe or flatfoot, the sole function declines and transmits excessive shock and torsion towards the meniscus. Meniscal lesions of the knee are mainly caused by excessive shock accumulated in daily life. (90%) The rest 10% is a small trigger.

【Key of Treatment】

We suggest starting with a conservative treatment, continuing the bandage treatment for at least one month, noting any improvements. The bone is expected to recover little by little through rest of the damaged part. For this treatment, use 2 rolls of non-elastic bandage and one roll of elastic bandage as well as the seismic isolation insole (artificial muscle-type insole) to protect against excessive shock.

It is important to consult with the specialists and consider the advantages and disadvantages of both a conservative treatment and surgery.

【Required period】

About 10 months


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