Knee Pain

Ligament injury (Cruciate ligament injury)


This type of injury tends to happen to young boys and girls practicing sports and overweigh middle aged women. The pain and swelling occur without an identifiable cause, and the knee makes a cracking sound when bending and stretching. The knee is easily moved forward by pulling (Anterior Drawer) and pain increases after long hours of sports or standing all day.


Normally the two arches on the sole, the longitudinal arch and the transverse arch, function to protect the body from shock and torsion waves. Imbalanced sole caused by bunion (Hallux Valgus), ungrounded toe or flatfoot decreases these functions significantly and thus excessive torsion and shock waves are transmitted towards the knee (cruciate ligament) when landing or kicking, injuring or rupturing the cruciate ligament.

These two harmful stresses are often affected by existing structural imbalance of knee. (front-rear, right-left, up-down)
A cruciate ligament injury is mainly caused by continued excess torsion, not only during sports but also while walking in daily life, which makes up 90% of the accumulated torsion. The remaining 10% is external force, such as jumping more than usual.

【Key of Treatment】

We recommend conservative treatment as a first choice. Many people with the ligament rupture live their daily lives without hindrance. For treatment, use 2 rolls of non-elastic bandage and 1 roll of elastic bandage and assess the condition after at least one month. Consulting a specialist is necessary in cases where there is no improvement after continuing conservative treatment for several months.

【Required period】

About 10 months