Knee Pain

Pain under environmental conditions


This pain is associated with a particular action, and thus, the pain disappears when stopping the action. This includes conditions such as certain temperatures, humidity and other seasonal factors.


Imbalanced environmental conditions in life, for example, standing at work all day, working on concrete, going up and down stairs repeatedly, or wearing sandals, are main causes. Nevertheless, it is usually made worse by an existing 1 to 7 mechanical imbalance of knee. (Please see above cases.) This type of knee pain is brought about by physical stress as well as mental stress and shock.

【Key of Treatment】

Because the main cause is an environmental condition, it is necessary to discover the imbalance in your lifestyle so that it is possible to prevent further damage to and improve the injury.
To treat, use 1 roll of non-elastic bandage and 1 roll of elastic bandage although many patients with this type of pain don’t recognize the urgency of treatment as the symptoms are minimal.

【Required period】

3 weeks to 1 month and a half

Knee pain without a clear moment of injury is categorized by 8 different types of imbalance. Once you understand the theory, you can cure a patient / yourself as a human from deep inside of your heart.


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