Lower Back Pain

What is your lower back pain?
(Lower back pain of 8 directional diagnosis)

When it is applied to the theory,

  • 1, To either of following『Structural imbalance』①front ②rear ③left ④right ⑤center
  • 2, ⑥ shock ⑦torsion as『Strain imbalance』
  • 3, is recurrently added as well as『Environmental imbalance』such as sports or job.

Categorizing damage of unknown causes
The eight directional Diagnosis

To apply the Eight Directional Diagnosis to the lower back pain, start looking at the affected part in the following order:

Chronic back pain, strained back, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, spinal canal stenosis are all related to the imbalance of the sole as follows.

①First, a deformation (imbalance) of the sole creates dynamic imbalance in our upper body part.
②Second, shock waves and torsion waves are transmitted to the imbalanced body part while walking.
③Finally, it is repeated in daily life.

The causes for chronic pain and malfunctions in which the moment of injury is unidentifiable have been hidden in the eight types of imbalances as described.
As the “Eight-directional diagnosis” theory is based on the law of nature as it acts on the human body, it cannot be reversed by anyone.
In the coming years, as this theory is credibly applied, it will become mainstream in the treatment of backpain.


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