No interest in soles means no interest in health!

Contemporary medicine has established correct and effective diagnostic methods for injuries and physical pain of known causes. The technology and progress of modern medicine in general is rather amazing. The problem, however, is that little progress has been made for correct and effective diagnosis and its treatment for sports injuries, chronic pain, physical discomfort and malfunctions without an obvious cause. This area of medicine has not progressed much in over the last 40 years. As a result, patients have no choice but to undergo symptomatic treatment, suffering from the same symptom over years, rather than getting the etiological treatment.

Due to the change in modern lifestyles, our bodies have changed, resulting in deformations of the sole, such as bunions (Hallux Valgus), ungrounded toes and flatfeet.

bunion.ungrounded tor.flatfoot

It is important to recognize the changes in the types of pain, deformations, and illnesses in the last 70 years. In today’s society, these disorders have become major health problems.

In support of that, imbalance of the soles, such as bunions, ungrounded toes and flatfeet can be found in more than 95% of the patients at our clinic who had already been diagnosed at medical institutions with the following ailments:

  • ① Chronic pain of the soles, knees, lower back or neck, deformation of bones, sports injuries and other fractures
  • ② Autonomic imbalance and depression associated with dizziness, headache and stiff shoulder or neck
  • ③ Life style related diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), decreased physical motor skills and efficiency of metabolism

In cases of chronic pain and malfunctions with an unknown cause, it is necessary to approach the patients from their feet, the foundation of the human body. Checking the imbalance of soles along with the damaged body part from an aspect of gravity and balance, in other words, “G-Balance Medicine”, allows for proper treatment for a healthy aging society.