Lecture in “Iyashi Fair” at Tokyo Big Site

Mr. Kasahara will give a lecture in Iyashi Fair or “Healing Fair” at Tokyo Big Site!!

He will talk about how imbalanced sole can effect the other parts of the body after his 44 years of experience of seeing the patients from all over the world.

: August 5th (Sun) 14:00~15:00

Place : In the Hall of the Fair

Access : 3 min walk from Kokusai Tenjijyo Seimon Station

??????????????? 7 min walk from Kokusai Tenjijyo Station

The detail can be found from the following link and you can also apply for free entrance ticcket there 🙂
*Normal tarif is 1000 Yen/Day
Lecture by Iwao Kasahara at Tokyo Big Site


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