Roles of Right foot and Left foot

We often mention “shock waves” and?”torsion waves” from te ground?influencing human body.
Let’s talk about how the balanced foot react to those harmful waves today.

Our body is inherently made to have different roles in right and left.
Comparing it to a car, right side of the body is like an excess play in air pressure of a tire, while left side of the body is like a play in the steering wheel. Both play in the car streamine the balance against the gravity and make it possible to put on speed up to 200-300km/h. It can cause accidents or broken-down cars without them.

Just like a car, the structure of human body needs those “play” to protect from shock waves and torsion waves and absorb them.
However, if you have imbalanced?sole such as bunion or ungrounded toe, the “play” can be too much or too less, which causes chronic pain or autonomuc imbalance. To protect the body, it is indispensable to correct the balance from the sole. :-D?

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