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Color 3 Toe Socks

The original purpose of socks was only to protect the feet and to prevent friction between the foot and shoe. However, these innovative 3-toe socks help to correct imbalanced soles and to prevent bunion, ungrounded toe and flatfoot.

1 Balancing function

For the sole to hold the bones and posture in a normal position as we walk, 3-toe socks help to correct and maintain the correct sole balance.

2 Absorbing shock waves

For the sole to absorb excess shock and torsion waves that are generated while walking, 3-toe socks helps to rebuild the transverse arch and longitudinal arch on the sole and prevent damage to muscles, ligaments, and bones.

3 Motor skill function

For the sole to develop flexibility, motor skills, and the ability to adapting to the environment, 3-toe socks help to prompt balanced walking.


Pushing “fulcrum point” and “reaction point” corrects the longitudinal arch and Transverse arch of foot and makes toes open.


When the first toe and fifth toe are pulled outward; three middle toes naturally open and enable us to stand firmly on the ground.

Color 3 Toe Socks

Product Name:AKA-007-2set
Description : Color 3 Toe Socks *2 pairs
Price:3,520 Yen (Tax included)

Please read the purchase procedure and return & exchange policy before purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

【Notice】【Color 3-toe socks】

●We recommend initially using the product for 2 to 3 hours and gradually extending the use time accordingly.

●Please do not wear the 3-toe-socks while sleeping.

●Keep toenails smooth and well-filed to avoid damaging the product.

●In the initial stages, the little toe tends to slip out of the proper sock position because the toes are not yet firmly grabbing the ground. Correct walking can be recognized when this no longer happens.

●Please note that an imbalanced sole can initially damage the product due to the way of walking.

●Not for medical use.

●Please contact a specialist in case of rash or other symptoms.

■ Size

■ Color
① Denim blue & Orange
② Beige & Flamingo
③ Navy & Red
④ Gray & Blue
⑤ Rose & Pink
⑥ Gray & Rose

■ Material
Acrylic fiber/Polyester/Polyurethane

■ Made in Japan