Kasahara Taping Treatment and 3 toe socks

Kasahara Taping Treatment
-A solution for imbalanced soles-

Human beings prioritize keeping balanced against the force of gravity, and in doing so with the soles imbalanced, can develop poor balance. If the soles of our feet are sturdy, our body balance improves. Balancing the sole is vital for maintaining health and beauty and is an effective form of preventive medicine.

If a building tilts, we rebuild a strong foundation to make it well-balanced and stable. We need to do the same for?our bodies by correct the imbalanced soles. It is necessary to correct the balance from the sole of the foot to promote healthy posture and correct walking form.


To do this, we introduce a taping treatment which employs the theory of the lever; a principal of correcting sole balance by pushing fulcrum and reaction points in the foot. We believe this taping method will become standard in the treatment of bunions (Hallux Valgus) and other side-effects of imbalanced soles, such as ungrounded toes or flatfeet.


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Advantages of the Kasahara Taping Treatment:


1. Because the tape is thin, you can still wear your normal shoes.

2. This conservative treatment option doesn’t require surgery and can be done on your own.

3. The taping can be modified to fit all foot deformations.


Kasahara Taping Treatment

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