Advantages of the Kasahara Taping Treatment:

1. Because the tape is thin, you can still wear your normal shoes.

2. This conservative treatment option doesn’t require surgery and can be done on your own.

3. The taping can be modified to fit all foot deformations.


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First Cause

“Hindrance of reflexes”

Without walking on rough surfaces to stimulate the sole of the foot, reflexes degenerate.

Second Cause

“Locking walk”

Walking with locked toes to prevent ones shoes from falling off. This has been particularly prevalent amongst of children.

Third Cause

“Narrow toe shoes”

“Degenerated toes,” which are unable to stand firm, are caused by the toes adjusting to narrow toed shoes.

The Three Principles of Treatment as related to the Five Dimensions of the Natural World

The Five Dimensions of the Natural World (which is under the absolute control of the gravity)

First to Third Dimensions

{length x width x depth}

Work on the dynamic structure of the body

Point 1

Fourth Dimension

Time (strain)

Work to relieve strains accumulated through time

Point 2 (Revitalizing: Improve blood circulation and alleviate pain)

Fifth Dimension


Work on environmental conditions (physical and mental)

Point 3 (Protect and Rest)

Three principles of treatment

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