Eight directional diagnosis

The “Length X width X depth X time X environment” is under absolute control of the gravity on the earth. By the relationship of these five dimensions and gravity, eight types of imbalance are identified.

The eight types of imbalance are not often recognized and are not found during the physical check up, but are hidden in our daily life, causing chronic pain and damaging beauty.

Because these imbalances were unrecognized, we couldn’t find the real causes and thus there was no treatment for them. Isaac Newton discovered gravity. I discovered the “Ten types of imbalance” (Ten directional diagnosis), refering to the method of diagnosis using these ten imbalances as applied to the human body. These imbalances are the hidden cause of chronic pain of unknown causes and other diseases. This diagnosis will be a necessary tool for the practice of foot care.

Einstein said that there are “long waves and short waves” in the universe and that those waves are composing the history of the earth. I call them “shock waves” and “torsion waves” respectively.

Categorizing damage of unknown causes The eight directional Diagnosis

Pain and malfunction of unidentifiable causes are due to one or a combination of dynamic imbalances.
These eight imbalances exist as unseen stress and unidentifiable strains.
Due to the fact that the gravitational forces are accompanied by time (strains), consisting of shock and torsion waves, human beings are not free from their impact.
Feet receive and control these shock and torsion waves.
Therefore, imbalance of the sole makes the body vulnerable to the effect of those waves.


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