Treatment Theory

Three principals of treatment

The Three Principles of Treatment include 1) balancing 2) vitalizing 3) resting the affected area. The chart below elaborates on these points.


The Three Principles of Treatment as related to the Five Dimensions of the Natural World

The Five Dimensions of the Natural World (which is under the absolute control of the gravity)

First to Third Dimensions

{length x width x depth}

Work on the dynamic structure of the body

Point 1

Fourth Dimension

Time (strain)

Work to relieve strains accumulated through time

Point 2 (Revitalizing: Improve blood circulation and alleviate pain)

Fifth Dimension


Work on environmental conditions (physical and mental)

Point 3 (Protect and Rest)

Three principles of treatment


Missing even one of these principles or practicing them only during treatment results in poor treatment, and the effort becomes a symptomatic treatment rather than the ideal of practicing etiological treatment. Correct and effective treatment is possible only when these three treatment principles are administered concurrently.

We provide treatment according to the Three Principles of Treatment:

1) Balancing??

2) Vitalizing

3) Resting the affected area



To recover the dynamic structure of the body, work on balancing the affected area.

It is important to correct the structural balance of the body through light adjustment and then to correct the sole balance using the Kasahara Taping Treatment to promote 3 point-walking and to maintain the adjusted balance of the body. Because the imbalance on the sole already exists, it is not possible to correct sole balance simply by paying attention to the way of walking or by consciously trying to walk correctly. Chiropractic adjustment tends to be a temporary solution as the body continues to adapt as the sole of the foot, “the foundation”, remains imbalanced. Both the body and the sole of the foot need to be treated to maintain correct balance.

treatment_01 treatment_02


To recover from the duration of the injury, or strained time, work on vitalizing the affected area.

Because walking with an imbalanced sole distorts and tires the body, it is necessary to relieve the stiffness of entire body, especially in the shoulders and neck. Electronic therapy, massage machines and manual therapy aim to relax the body and improve blood circulation from the lower body to the heart. Additionally, moderate stimulation of the sole helps to reduce sole fatigue and improves the ability to grasp the ground with toes.

Electronic and machine therapy

Resting the affected area

To improve the surrounding areas, rest the affected area.

Finally, it is critical to support the damaged part using bandages and supporters to lighten the force of gravity on the injury and to improve the surrounding area for recovery. While these methods looks difficult and exaggerated, they are effective. The neck supporter is available for those who have neck pain or autonomic imbalance caused by neck deformation and is recommended for use while reading a book or while using a laptop or smartphone.

We teach the correction method during treatment at our clinic. Please contact us in case you have difficulty doing it.


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