Ungrounded Toe

How to treat ungrounded toe

We recommend “Kasahara Taping Treatment” method to correct the balance of the sole for prevention of bunions, ungrounded toe and flatfoot.

“I feel like my toes are finally touching the floor.” “It has been a while since my posture felt right.”

This treatment greatly reduces pain within one month and causes a 30% recovery of the foot shape within 6 months. The most important outcome is the recovery of sole- function: improved balance, absorption of harmful waves, and improved motor skill.

As the foundation of your body is being corrected, the balance of your body adjusts accordingly, lightening the load applied to knees, back and neck.

The biggest advantage of the “Kasahara Taping Treatment” is that it does not require surgery and you can treat yourself at home with a little practice. This is the most effective conservative treatment for imbalanced sole and we hope this method will be adopted by more medical institutions to effectively treat more patients.

Kasahara Taping Treatment 3-toe Socks

In case of questions or to learn more about it, the taping treatment can be done by a therapist in our clinic.

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