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Digitus quintus (Bunionette)


A bunion (Hallux valgus) affects the big toe, bending it inwards, while Digitus quintus is when the little toe bends inwards towards the big toe. With Digitus quintus, the root of the little toe and the area around it hurt when walking and thick skin or corns can be seen on the outer side and base of the little toe. The toes are often compressed in pointed shoes, becoming red. People with bunionette usually suffer from stiff shoulder, lower back pain or constipation.


When the toes cannot grasp the floor and the transverse metatarsal ligament on the little toe side becomes loose, the metatarsal bone of the little toe opens outwards while the little toe bends towards inward. The little toe becomes even less able to grab the ground and the root of the little toe becomes painful.


To maintain the correct sole balance, practice the Kasahara Taping Treatment (in cases with foot pain).

If cases where the Kasahara taping treatment is infeasible, at home, the W supporter (with finger pad) is an ideal support for loosened metatarsal joint and corrects the bent little toe up to upright position. 3-toe socks are ideal for wearing out.

We also recommend using seismic isolation insoles (artificial muscle insole) and to see a specialist before the condition worsens.

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